Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How do I register a domain with Uniware Managed Services?
Head to our Domains page and enter your desired domain name in the search box. Once you find an available domain name, please click the enquire now button to register.

Can I order just domain registration without hosting?
Yes, you can. Uniware Managed Services will host your DNS and register your domain name. Later’ if you would like to activate a cPanel plan or spin up a Managed VPS, your domain name can be routed back into our infrastructure.

How much does domain registration cost?
We offer domain name registration options for every budget. Click here to view domain name registration pricing plans.

How long does it take until a domain name is registered and goes live on the Internet?
A domain will start accepting traffic as soon as our DNS servers propagate your domain name to other servers globally. This can take up to 24 hours but is usually instant for Australia-wide coverage.

How to transfer a domain ownership
Transferring domain ownership can be done with an EPP code. Contact us to find out how to receive this.

SSL Certificates

How to get an SSL Certificate
An SSL certificate can be received in many ways. Firstly, we can do it for you start to finish if you would like. Secondly, you can send us a CSR and we can generate an SSL certificate from this. The second way is more secure, but you must already know how to generate a CSR.

How can I renew my SSL certificate?
Renewing an SSL certificate is a simple request to our staff. If your certificate is about to expire you will most likely already have an email from us, feel free to reply directly to this email to have yours renewed.


Where is your Cloud VPS hosted and how secure is it?
Uniware Managed Services Cloud VPS is hosted in Equinix, Melbourne. One of the top-rated datacentres in the country. To find out more, please see our ‘About Us’ page.

How Do I Get Started with VPS Hosting?
VPS hosting is simple and easy with our Managed Service plans. Managed Service is a term that’s used to indicate Uniware Managed Services will handle everything technical, and you can leave it with us. Ask us to migrate your business to our infrastructure for you, and what plan you’d like to be on on our VPS page.